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Georgia Tiny Rentals is giving away a tiny house valued at over $65,000!  We have partnered with Tiny House Atlanta to raise money for and bring awareness to the tiny house movement.  Tiny House Atlanta is a Georgia nonprofit dedicated to building walkable, sustainable “micro-hood” communities while educating individuals, groups and cities about the positive impacts of micro living.

Chose from  4 different options to win the Escape Traveler by purchasing tickets below. You can donate $20 for 1 entry, $40 for 5 entries, $100 for 15 entries, or $200 for 40 entries.  Entries are unlimited but see Terms and Conditions for specifics.  A drawing will be held on October 2, 2017 at which time the winner will be chosen at random.  All proceeds (after cost of the house and expenses) will be donated to Tiny House Atlanta. You must use a valid email address when checking out or else you will be disqualified if we cannot reach you.

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